Working as an escort has many advantages. One of them is the assurance of top-quality service. As VIP escorts , many companies are offering bonus to women who are hired. Other benefits include being more in touch with your body as well as being able to speak in the woman’s language. Also, it is cheaper than prostitution.

Earn more per booking

When you work as an escort, you may charge more per booking based on the itinerary. If the client plans to travel out of the city, you may charge them more. You may also offer FMTY (Fly Me To You) which covers both travel time and airfare and takes you to your client’s destination. To make more money per booking you should list separate rates for FMTY services.

Prostitution is less expensive than prostitution.

If you have ever considered an escorting career, you’re aware of the fact that the costs can be substantial. While the business is massive however, the costs associated with escorting aren’t as costly as prostitution. The cost of an hour of sexual activity with an escort is currently about $260. As an escort, you’ll require a high-end outfit and have a professional image. It’s also expensive to employ personal trainers hair and skin care experts, and gym memberships.

Prostitution is a cost-effective method to make money. However, it doesn’t have the glamour associated with an escort. It’s also restricted to few countries. In many other countries, prostitution is also prohibited.