Celebrities actually have no reason to hire escorts or hookers. The reason is pretty obvious, they are famous, and people would literally line up to have a night with them, for free. I personally don’t see the point of celebrities hiring hookers or escorts, but they do it anyway and get caught for it. I am not saying it is wrong of anything, just that there is actually no need for it. Well, here are some celebrities who hired escorts and hookers and actually got caught for it. It is not a surprise that some of these celebrities are on this list, but some others will really shock you indeed.

The celebrities that have been caught with hookers are escorts include movie stars, musicians, athletes and politicians as well. Some of these people have actually been caught, and some have allegedly been linked to some call girls. While a lot of them have actually bounced back with such a scandal, others haven’t actually been lucky enough to get back into the spotlight and enjoy their time there. Some of their careers still have a stain that is not erased yet. Here is the list:

  1. The first and the most obvious one of all, Charlie Sheen. In the early 1990s, a lady called Heidi Fleiss was busted for running an escort ring, and when found she had a lot of travellers’ checks from Charlie Sheen in her purse when she was arrested. Charlie Sheen has actually been caught multiple times with hookers and escorts ratting him out saying that he was in orgies with a lot of escorts and his wives as well. He has been diagnosed with HIV AIDS and has not stopped hiring escorts. It has also been reported that these escorts that do have sex with him are paid a lot since it is risky for them.
  2. Hugh Grant is next on the list, and in 1995, he was arrested for lewd conduct after being found by the Los Angeles Police Department with an escort/hooker. He was ordered to pay a fine, and he was on probation for two years. He actually said, “I did a bad thing, and there you have it.”

Here are a couple of more people who were accused or caught with escorts/hookers.

–    Tiger Woods.

–    Alex Rodriguez.

–    Eve.

–    Eliot Spitzer.

–    Ne-Yo.

–    Jerry Springer.

–    Eddy Murphy.

–    Marv Albert.

–    Some members of the U.S Secret Service.

Did any of these names shock you? They sure did shock me. It is indeed illegal in most states in the United States to hire these services. Therefore you need to look up the laws before you do so.