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About Membership

Membership in BAE is open to individuals who have an ancestral linkage to the African Diaspora and be the senior administrator (e.g., Executive Director, Assistant/Associate Executive Director, CFO) in their organization.  Once a member, an individual may retain BAE membership provided he/she remains in good standing, as evidence by fulfillment of the following membership responsibilities:

  • Individual agrees to attend two-thirds ’s of all scheduled General Membership meetings
  • Individual agrees to actively participate on at least one of BAE’s committees
  • Individual agrees to support in whole, or in part, BAE’s scheduled functions (i.e.,
  •       annual retreat, forums with State and local representatives, MLK Luncheon, etc.)
  • Individual agrees to pay annual dues on a timely basis
  • Individual must demonstrate his/her professional commitment to the mission and agenda
  •       of BAE

All prospective members must receive the recommendation of a current, active BAE member. This recommendation may either precede the application submission or the name of the referring member must be provided before consideration by the Membership Committee.