As an escort, you need to digest the fact that you are in a profession where you, as an escort, will undoubtedly end up getting some really weird requests. You certainly have the choice of whether you want to accept those clients or not. Some people actually hire escorts because they want to experiment with them. They will want to do stuff that they could not with their significant others or their ex’s. Therefore, if you are an escort and if you get some requests like these, you can actually accept or decline them.

Here is a list of some really weird requests that escorts have gotten. A couple of escorts were interviewed for this information.

–    One guy actually wanted me to put a vibrating plug in his butt. He also asked me to have the remote control and manipulate it every once in a while when he was at his work. He asked me to do that for a whole week and for the week, he said he would pay $500. I was happy that I did not have to actually do any work and still get $500.

–    A guy that I was regularly seeing asked me to slap his testicles a lot of times during sex; apparently, it turned him on even more. He made sure that I kept slapping it until he reached orgasm.

–    I once had a client who wanted me to tell him how I lost my virginity while we were having sex. This actually came off as creepy, so I just told him that it would be best if we didn’t talk during sex. It was indeed awkward after that.

–    The guy literally wanted me to hit him and insult him, while also having sex with him. Not going to lie, I kind of liked it, being dominant that is.

–    I once had a client that wanted me to dress like his ex-wife. I did, and all he did was talk to me for 2 hours, and then we actually ended up having good sex. It seemed like he missed her a lot.

–    I once had a client that wanted to have sex with another guy and me. So he asked me if I knew anyone. I asked a fellow escort friend of mine who was actually a gay escort. He agreed. I told the client that he should pay him as well and he actually had no issues with that. We actually ended up having great sex. They both penetrated me at the same time, and both of them reached orgasm together. I can easily say it was one of the wildest experiences that I have had in years.