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2015 Emerging Leaders Conference Workshops


Leadership Assessment Lab

Update your knowledge of your leadership skill set by attending this engaging and interactive workshop. Become aware of your own leadership style and appreciate differences in other styles. Explore the value of a leadership assessment in determining your leadership style and determine your ability to inspire and lead others in the future. Test your leadership skills with several basic exercises to provide self-discovery of your leadership skills, insights into strengths that can be capitalized upon and areas for development and growth.

Leadership Assessment Lab (BAE Fellows Only)

Discuss feedback from recent Leadership Assessment and develop personal strategies to enhance your leadership abilities. Leadership in Leaving: Succession Planning Ending a long term leadership position can be one of the hardest leadership challenges a CEO faces. How does a CEO assess what is best for the organization and right for their personal future? Planning for succession in a single agency is critical to ensuring the viability of the agency. Explore critical financial issues in planning for retirement. Determine next steps and begin” positioning” yourself for the next phase of your life.

Developing a Major Gifts Pipeline

In today’s competitive and connected world, developing a major gifts program takes careful planning and consideration. This workshop reviews philanthropic trends and giving patterns as well as the importance of staff, infrastructure, systems and donor cultivation using multi-channel communications to build a strong major gifts pipeline.

Evaluation & Organizational Performance Measures

In growing numbers, service providers, government and funders are calling for clearer evidence that resources they expend actually produce benefits for people. Understand the key considerations and importance of defining realistic expectations, processes and “outcomes” for your programs and services.

Using Social Media to Promote or Market Agency Services

Social media platforms allow organizations to improve communication and productivity by disseminating information among different internal and external audiences in a more efficient manner. Share best practices for managing social media and explore the opportunities and challenges of social networking sites.

Intergenerational Organizational & Board Leadership

This panel will focus on the opportunities and challenges to create intergenerational leadership on the staff or board of directors for your organization, structures required to enhance intergenerational leadership and what true inclusion means in intergenerational organizations.

Employment Prospects for Black Agency Executives/ Building Personal Brands via Social Media

In today’s ever-changing economy, job hunters face greater competition in the nonprofit sector for jobs that are available. Understand the trends in the marketplace as well as current “niches” where opportunities exist for employment in the nonprofit sector. Explore the key components and career enhancement aspects of your social media profile in this digital age.

Politics of the Work Place

Savvy leaders are skilled at navigating workplace politics. They understand that they –and their colleagues must navigate competing interests, scarce resources, ambiguity in authority, weak leadership, unclear policies and lack of information. This workshop will explore tips, tools, and techniques that will help you successfully manage office politics with diligence and thoughtfulness.

Self-Care to Prevent Burnout

Leaders across the country are reporting continued difficulty managing their stress. Chronic high levels of stress are considered key risk factors for developing burnout. A powerful way to avoid experiencing burn out is to practice good self-care regularly. Develop a self- care kit to find balance in your personal lives and ease work related stress to better serve clients and achieve professional equilibrium, success and personal fulfillment.

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